Sculpture Jepara

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Experts told a sculpture and a painting called Prabangkara live in the Brawijaya Prabu's Majapahit Kingdom, on a when the king told Prabangkara to create a painting as the consort of the king love the expression on his permaisurinya a very beautiful and glamor.
Jepara carvingLukisan the empress without clothes that can be completed by Prabangkara perfectly and of course this is to make the King Brawijaya become suspicious because the body part and a sign of nature secret / special that there are also the paintings and the place / position and exact shape.

With a deceit, Prabangkara with all the equipment be removed in a way tied to a laying-layang after that until the strap be in the air.
In the hover Prabangkara These hardy fall in a village that is known by the name of Rear Mount near Jepara city.
Small village in the northern city of Jepara until now that there are many craftsmen who carved high-quality. But the origin of carving here is whether the right is because the fall chisel Prabangkara, there is no historical data that support it.


1. During the government of Queen Kalinyamat, there is a governor named Badarduwung painting that comes from the coarse (Cambodia) was also an expert chisel. Until now the works Patih still be seen in the mosque complex and Ancient tomb of Queen Kalinyamat built on the XVI century.
2. Kingdom of Majapahit collapse has caused the spread of experts and artists to various Hindu first part of XVI century. In the development, artists are still developing the expertise to adjust in the new identity so that timbulah various regional motifs such as: Motif Majapahit, Bali, Mataram, Pajajaran, and developing in Jepara Jepara until now.
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Karimunjawa Island


A. Profile

A.1 Introduction
The natural panorama, under water beauty, various sea organisms, mangrove forests, all are still be natural and pure, so that Karimunjawa now becoming a sea national park. The Karimunjawa islands is administratively part of Jepara regency, located approximately 45 miles northwest direction from Jepara city. Totally, this area covers 107,226 ha, with 100,105 ha is sea part, and the reminder is land. The average temperature in this area is about 26 until 30 degrees Celcius, with minimum temperature is 22 Celcius and maximum is 34 Celcius. The fascination of Karimunjawa is its flora and fauna. It can be seen from five species of flora ecosystem, those are; coral reef ecosystem, forest of mangrove, coastal forest, field-ponder and lowland forest. On the other side, there are many kinds of fauna, like long tail monkey, deer, and also aquatic fauna which is consisting of 242 decorative fish types and 133 kinds of aquatic biota and there are also 2 types of turtles which live in National Park ecosystem of Karimunjawa islands.

A.2 Nyamplungan Legend
According to folklore, the word Karimun comes from 2 words that is "kremun-kremun" means not so clear. The legend of Karimun is related to Sunan Nyamplungan story. Sunan Nyamplungan was the name Sunan Muria's son. His name was Amir Hasan. He was very spoiled by his mother, and because of it, he tended to be naughty. By his father, he was entrusted to his uncle, Sunan Kudus.

After some time being under Sunan Kudus's upbringing, he became an obedient young man. The he was sent back to his parent. But he became naughty again here. So Sunan Muria asked him to go somewhere which was seen "kremun-kremun" (not so clear) from the top of Muria mountain. At last, he decided to go to the place where his father asked. He was accompanied by two guards and two seeds of Nyamplung fruit with him. He also brought mustaka (part of the top of mosque) which is now still residing in complex of Sunan Nyamplungan grave. The place where Amir Hasan resided was crowded by Nyamplung tree, and called as dukuh Nyamplung.

A.3 Local Community
The people who lived in Karimunjawa come from some tribes having a unique traditional house. The tribes lived in Karimunjawa are Java, Bugis Makassar, and Madura. Java tribe community dominantly lived in dukuh Karimun, dukuh Legon Lele, dukuh Nyamplungan, and dukuh Mrican. Almost of them are farmers and doing some activities in home industry scope, like brick and coconut oil. Bugis Makassar tribe community dominantly lived in Kemujan island, dukuh Batu Lawang, dukuh Legon Gede, and dukuh Tlogo. This tribe is well known as good sailormans, so the dominant profession in this tribe is fisherman. People in this community are well known for their weaving sarong goods. Almost the same as Bugis Makassar, people in Madura tribe community dominantly are fishermans. Besides, they are good to make some foods, like dried-fish.
B. Tourism Facilities

B.1 Tourism Interests
With its beautiful nature which relatively pure, Karimunjawa becomes an interested place that offering maritime tourism object and natural adventure. Besides, local community lived in Karimunjawa with their unique traditions and culture, bring some fascinations to this place. Maritime objects offer various tourism activities and water sports. Some are below.
- Diving
This activity can be done in northern and western part of Karimunjawa island, eastern part Menjangan Besar island, around of Menjangan Kecil island, southern and western part of Geleang, western part of Bengkoang island, western part of Parang island, eastern part Kembar island, around of Katang island, northern and eastern part of Krakal Kecil island , and western part of Kumbang island.
- Snorkling
This activity can be done in Menjangan Besar and Menjangan Kecil island, western part of Bengkoang island, around of Kembar island, and northern and eastern part of Krakal Kecil island.
- Fishing
Tourists can do this activity in around of Menjangan Besar and Menjangan Kecil island, Menyawakan island, Kemujan island, Parang island, around of Kembar island, and western part of Bengkoang island.
- Swimming
Locations used by swimming activity are eastern and southern part of Karimunjawa island, southern and western part of Menjangan Kecil island, western of Tengah island, around of Parang island, Kembar island, and Kumbang island.
- Sunbathing
Almost all the coasts in Karimunjawa island have white sands with long coast line. This situation made a lot of Karimunjawa coasts are right places for sunbathing, watching the sunset, or sunrise.
- Roaming the Sea
For anyone who can not swim and dive, using glass bottom boat can be a good reason to roam the sea in Karimunjawa. The tourists are able to see the under water scenery. It's really fantastic for whom like fishing, snorkling, and diving.
- Watching Under Water Aquarium
Menjangan Besar island have a location where an under water aquarium resides. Here, the tourists can see beauty of aquatic faunas, the life of sharks, and others.With its pure various vegetations and geological conditon, Karimunjawa is a challenge for natural adventure. Locations available for this activity are Karimunjawa island, Kemujan island, and Parang island. In Kemujan island, there is a location named Batu Lawang which giving the beauty of Karimunjawa island scenery to visitors. Besides of its nature, the local community also makes added value to this tourism objects. Various cultural attractions are available in Karimunjawa, such as reog (lumping horse), pencak silat, rebana, and Javanese gamelan (Javanese traditional music). Also available some attractions regularly held by local community, like turtles releasing ceremony, boats releasing ceremony, and khoul sunan Nyamplungan (1st Suro ritual). The Nyamplungan legend makes this place as a pilgrimage destination object.

B.2 Souvenirs
Traveling without buying souvenirs is like having dinner without Brandy. That is the words we may hear from the tourists. Karimunjawa is full of souvenirs made by local society. Most of souvenirs are made from rareness wood, like Dewadaru wood, Setigi wood, and Kalimasada wood. You can find keris (Javanese weapon) and tasbih (prayer beads) in each island of Karimunjawa archipelago. For woodcrafts, below are places for ordering.
- Al Badri Woodcraft Center, Legon Cikmas village
- Labiki, Kapuran street, Karimunjawa island.

B.3 Accommodations
If tourists want to spend the night in Karimunjawa, there are some homestays and hotel
available. The price (per 2006) to deal is cheap enough, starting from Rp 40,000.00 until
Rp 300,000.00. These spread out in Karimunjawa island, Menjangan Besar island, Tengah island,
and Menyawakan island.
B.4 Supporting Facilities

B.4.1 Transportation Facilities

- Sea
Karimunjawa can be reached from Semarang via Tanjung Mas harbor, and from Jepara via Kartini harbor.
- From Semarang (Tanjung Mas harbor)
KMC Kartini I,
departure; Saturday, at 9.00 and Monday, at 7.00.
- From Jepara (Kartini harbor)
departure; Monday, at 10.00.
If using KMP Muria,
departure; Saturday, at 9.00 and Wednesday, at 9.00.

And reversed route from Karimunjawa,
- Sunday, at 14.00 and Tuesday, at 9.00.
- If using KMP Muria,
departure every Monday and Thursday, at 9.00.

For detailed information, please contact addresses below.
- KMC Kartini I
Transportation and Telecomunication Department of Central Java Province
Pamularsih #28 Street, Semarang
Phone (+62-24)7602952
Fax (+62-24)7622536
- KMP Muria
PT ASDP Jepara
Kolonel Sugiono #290 Street, Jepara
Phone (+62-291)591048

Tariffs (per 2006) are below.
- Semarang-Karimunjawa
Business Class, Rp 108,000.00
Executive Class, Rp 128,000.00
- Jepara-Karimunjawa
Kelas Business Class, Rp 63,000.00
Executive Class, Rp 83,000.00

- Air
Tourists who prefer to go by plane, they must leave from Ahmad Yani airport, Semarang. The journey takes around 30 minutes long. The plane is able to transport 2 - 8 passengers. The plane is chartered.

B.4.2 Telecomunication Facilities
PT Telkom as national telecomunication company in Indonesia has built telecomunication
networks in Karimunjawa, so international telecommunication services are available.

B.4.3 Medical Services
There are available some medical centers in Karimunjawa which supported by experienced medical staffs.
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Borobudur Sunrise, The sunrise in Nirwana

Admire the grandeur of Borobudur in the day and see the detail of each sculpture and stones berelief is something that most didambakan by millions of people from different countries. However, not many people realize that Borobudur also has other unique scenery, the scenery beautiful sunrise and dash body of the Buddhist stupa at the top of the temple bersila standing since 9 this century.

When you include people who had never enjoy, then try to color it came a new life in the early years of experience will be unforgettable. That with the sun rays of light can take part at least encourage you to undergo a year of life before, and that clearly can be a reminder that the policy or Nirwana is represented by a peak this temple is the main goal of your life.

To enjoy the sunrise that, since the afternoon you can stay in Manohara Hotel, the only hotel located in the complex of Borobudur temple. Or, you can also follow the Borobudur Sunrise tour packages offered by several tour agents. Without that, you will not even be able to enter the complex and the temple was terlewatkan sunrise, for the gate entrance area of this new tourism object is opened at about 7:30 WIB.

When you stay at the Manohara, you can actually ride departs on the hour to Borobudur is how to enjoy the sunrise. However, hotel managers and tour agencies are usually a few akan off your morning at 3:30 so you can relax and do not walk waiting for sunrise too long. Sunrise scenery alone will usually be enjoyed at around 5:00 am. We suggest you bring a jacket for the cold and when the need to bring a flashlight for lighting.

Once in the eastern sky began to look brighter, you can prepare to see the movement gerik sun themselves create. Only slightly reddish yellow rays appear, that means at dawn has arrived in the top of Borobudur symbolize this Nirwana. A unique, when you see the sunrise at Borobudur is that coming from the sun as if cleft between two mountains, namely Merapi that was one of the mountain in the world and Merbabu

When the active Merapi lava issued pijarnya and no fog cover, you can see the red-hot lava to the headwaters Krasak. Color of red incandescent lava cinder looks very bright, a contrast with the color of the sky is still dark. January 2006, dozens of tourists enjoying the scenery and the activity of Merapi in the middle of the increased of late, you certainly expect to enjoy as well.

Another scene that is not less interesting is the villages around Borobudur looks when you stare down. In the villages around that, until now the arts and agriculture still grow, at least, can help you to imagine the condition of the village around the time this temple was founded. When clouds are thick hide, you can still see the high green trees that appear from the fog.

Each movement can be recorded gerik sun's how the light rays that jump stupa of the Buddha. The higher the sun, the Buddhist stupa is increasingly visible light, the color that looks black and gray to be bright. When the camera has a fairly good image recording, you can immortalize moments when the sun seberkas jump stupa of the Buddha and stupa is one of more light from the other part.

When summer sun began to sting, that is the time you have to go down temple. However, do not worry, you can still encircle the villages around Borobudur that can only be seen from the top. Some villages are now defined as a village tour. You can see the bustle of farming, pottery making, sculpture and sculpture other various activities. Your presence in the village was at least able to give hope for the population that is now a more difficult life.

Script: Yunanto Wiji Utomo
Artistic: Agung Sulistiono Mabruron
Copyright © 2006 YogYES.COM
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Karimunjawa, Ekowisata Beach Village

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In addition to Thousand Islands, Islands Karimunjawa is a cluster of islands located in the Java sea. Karimunjawa is a district in Jepara regency, which is the only district in Central Java are separated by the sea. From mainland Java, the nearest island is 45 miles northwest of the city of Jepara. Karimunjawa is a group of small islands with a total area of land and sea that has 111,625 ha more than 8800 people. There are 22 islands in the group Karimunjawa.

Of all the islands here, the majority of the population live in the 5 major islands, namely Islands Karimunjawa, Kemujan island, Islands Parang, Island of Mosquitoes, and Genting Island. Karimun Islands affected by sea winds blow throughout the year with an average temperature of 26-30 degrees Celsius. According to legend circulating in the local community, Karimunjawa Kremun comes from a word in Javanese language, which means covert. Karimunjawa which is seen vaguely from mainland Java since 1986 this has been defined as a Marine Nature Reserve.

Nature Karimunjawa changed status and became Karimunjawa National Park in 1999. Most of the National Park was established as The Nature Conservation Area through Menhut No.74/Kpts-II/2001 decision. National Park Karimunjawa often used as a means of research on matters related to marine, for example, area management and coastal recreational activities, ecological vegetation tropical rain forest area beaches, mangrove vegetation, coral reef ecology and diversity of marine biota.

Coral reefs in Karimunjawa National Park consists of several types of coral reefs that fringe the beach (fringing reef), coral reef barrier (barrier reef) and a few taka (patch reef). Marine biota property comprises more than 90 types of hard coral and 242 fish species. Two main types of reef biota is protected, namely the root of Bahar (Antiphates spp.) And red coral (Tubipora musica). Protected marine biota of the head is goat (Cassis cornuta), triton trumpet (Charonia tritonis), hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), rock fight (Turbo marmoratus), and 6 types of kima.

In addition to coral reefs and mangrove forests, coastal areas and Karimun Islands also up the carpet with a broad yet. In the land, forest area is also rich save birds and mammals form a protected. There is a population of deer and monkeys long tails that inhabit this island. Meanwhile, the sea eagle chest white eagle is a rare species birds inhabit the island and the island Geleang as the original habitat. Both islands are also inhabited 2 protected turtle species, turtle shell and green turtle.

To support government efforts in preserving island ecosystems, and to improve the economic standards of local, District Karimunjawa have been developed as a village tour with the concept ekowisata. Relying on the wealth of nature, Karimunjawa layer invite all people to preserve many of the potential. In addition, residents can also increase revenue by opening the home stay, to sell souvenir, a small shop, or provide facilities for the tourists who visit there.

Rekreasional various activities can be done during a vacation in the Islands Karimunjawa. Marine natural charm down to provide a place for adventure diving and snorkelling. Because it is in the sea is relatively calm, a lot of dots that can be used as a diving and snorkeling, among other beaches on the island of Menjangan Besar, Menjangan Kecil, Geleang, Bengkoang, Parang, Twin, katang, Krakal Small, and Kumbang island.

In addition, the sea of adventure activities, the other is to explore the sea and see the sea aquarium. For the fear of diving, boat Karimunjawa provide a lower part made of see-through glass (glass bottom boat) are rented at the visitor. There is the see-through allows passengers to enjoy the scenery without having to basic beach dive. Menjangan Island provides facilities for sea-water aquarium. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of various species of ornamental fish in the aquarium that is made similar to the real seabed.

Rise to the land, the visitor can do the hiking Mount Gendero (600M), the highest peak on the island and Karimun Islands in the Karimunjawa. To see wildlife adventure, visitors require special permission from the related parties to go to the Island and Bird Island Geleang which is a habitat for native sea eagle.

As a village tour, Karimunjawa has been equipped by the various means of adequate support. Visitors can come directly Crafts Center in the village of Al-Badri and Legon Cikmas in Labiki road Kapuran, the island Karimunjawa to get into the wood crafts gift pledge Karimunjawa. In addition to wood handicrafts, souvenirs offered another form of general household industries, such as T-shirts, hats, teri fish, salted fish, porridge, the food processing of seaweed, and coconut oil.

Karimunjawa Islands have a means of accommodation which is very adequate. Accommodation facilities that generally form a hut to live (home stay) the property of individuals, homeless, floating cottages, and hotels across the island Karimunjawa, Menjangan Besar Island, Middle Island, and island Menyawakan. There are approximately 40 lodging and home stay in the islands, and each accommodation has been equipped with a telephone. Charge-lodging lodging is in the range of up to Rp 40,000.00 Rp 300,000.00 per night.

Karimunjawa Islands can be reached via the port of Semarang's Tanjung Mas, and through the port of Jepara Kartini. From Tanjung Mas Semarang, Ships Fast Motor (KMC) Kartini I, departing every Saturday, at 9:00 and Monday, at 7.00. Ships the same route also serves the port Jepara Kartini-Karimunjawa each Monday, 10:00. Motor Ship Muria serving routes Jepara-Karimun depart every Saturday and Wednesday, at 9:00.

From the Karimun Islands, Kartini I depart every Sunday, at 14.00 and Tuesday, at 9:00. KMP Muria depart every Monday and Thursday at 09.00. For inter-island transportation, facilities available include boat motors depends on the price or long distance usage. Karimun is also accessible through the air with Cassa 212 types of aircraft that depart from Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang Dewadaru to the airport on the island Karimunjawa. (Roberto J. Setyabudi / 250408)

Source: From various sources
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